24 May – You are lying in my bed sleeping, sleeping

Can you imagine how it feels if you’re closing a contest. And not just closing any old contest, but closing the biggest contest the world had ever seen at the time. And imaging doing all of this if you were a mere 16 years old.

Maybe you can handle it. Twenty-four countries had come and gone, and then today’s birthday girl Silje Vige came along with a song her father had written for her. She’d already beaten Jahn Teigen, Merethe Trøan and Tor Endresen to get to the most westerly contest at the time, and her fifth-place finish was well earned. Indeed, of the 15 countries that gave her points, seven gave her a 10 or a 12. She did get a little help from audience applause, but this is a fine fine song that deserves your attention.

Silje is 47 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Silje!

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