Eurovision Countdown 24 – Denmark according to Mo

This is one of those rare cases of the singer being way too good for the song.

Saba oozes charisma, and her vocals soar, yet she’s been handed a shoddy old plodder that sounds like something rejected from the last five Melodifestivalen. I found myself able to second guess what was coming next on first listen.

There’s the downbeat tense first verse, the chanting chorus, the quiet bridge and the inevitable big chorus with a cold finish. And arms thrown high as the lights cut.

Denmark have done well with stuff like this in the past – but the past is another country entirely. It’s time for DR to rethink its approach – although maybe mid-table is where they feel at home.

Seven PointsDecent staging and a great vocal will save this otherwise past-its-sell-by-date Nordic banger. Criminal waste of a voice.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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