Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 11/37 – Estonia

It’s shouty noise – that would be the conclusion of some of the Eurovision queens around this contest and, to an extent, they are right.   Estonia presents us with an anti-drugs drugs song which, musically, seems to have two ideas, the verse which gets old quickly, followed by the chorus, which gets old quickly,

The first, what, 75 seconds encompass this songs ideas and the rest of it will be the “performance” by 5MIINUST x Puuluup which if Eesti Laul is to be followed, will be in your face and all over the stage.

3 pointsTelevoters might give this a bit of love but bearing in mind it’s now placed immediately after Belgium, a great song, and immediately before Israel and that circus, THIS circus is going to get lost – couple that with Norway, Netherlands and San Marino in it’s half and it’s dead and buried. It’s nuts, but it’s not memorable enough.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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