Eurovision Countdown 24 – Estonia according to Mo

Most years, we get a song like this – an entry that a kinder (but equally clueless) hack might describe as  a ‘mixed age’ collaboration. Music that combines traditional beats with a soupçon of the modern.

It’s never the worst thing on offer, but it’s always a mile away from the best. To my ears, it’s songwriting by committee – like a bunch of ‘Eurovision Experts’ gathered in a boardroom and tried to find a way to appeal to viewers young and old. It has worked in the past – but it’s failed more often.

As a Eurovision nation – for me – Estonia either gets it spot on, or misses the target by a mile. And this year, their arrow appears to have landed somewhere just off the coast of Helsinki.

3 pointsThere are flashes of genius, but the end result just doesn’t work for me. Too one note.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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