5 November – There’s a candle burning

False flag time again. It’s a close thing, with the Nordics. They’re very close culturally, so someone moving between them isn’t that noteworthy. So perhaps there’s no false flag after all.

Finland is an interesting case. Nordic, but not quite that Nordic. So if you are from that part of the world, it’s maybe a little exotic. In 2005, Norwegian born birthday boy Geir Rönning got the YLE ticket to Kyiv. He’d been in his native Melodi Grands Prix before making a home in Finland and trying out in Euroviisuts. Third time lucky and he sang a song in English. Europe didn’t really go for it, and ha managed an 18th place out of 25. His Nordic and Baltic friends liked him, as did the good people of the Principality of Monaco. But instead of singing in the Grand Final, he got to watch it, and no doubt point and laugh.

Geir is 57 today.

Hyvää syntymäpäivää/Gratulerer med dagen, Geir!