17 February – Now he’s very old and grey, older than the city of Paris

Well, we finally got a contest in the Netherlands last year, and they put on a good show. Of course, the Dutch have been in the contest since the start, so have a very rich heritage in the show.

With that in in mind, it’s time for a Dutch birthday. Maybe not one you immediately think of when you think of Dutch performers. Today’s birthday boy Bernardus ‘Ben’ Cramer didn’t have a barrel organ, or a native American headdress, or a massive dress containing dancers. But he did have a guy on an accordion and trendy long hair. He probably felt he was unlucky, making the short trip from his native Amsterdam to Luxembourg. That home jury liked him best even though his song was about Paris/Parijs. So what does this tell us? Never perform a song about another country.

Ben is 75 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Ben!

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