19 March – Come here, I know you want to

Do you miss countries singing in their own languages? Or do you like the songs in English so you know what the performers are singing about?

Our friends in Norway have – on the whole – stuck to English since the free language rule was made in time for the 1999 contest. But there was an exception in 2006 when NRK sent today’s birthday girl Christine Guldbrandsen. Hers was the only song in Norwegian in the Norsk Melodi Grand Prix. Obviously it won to Christine went to sunny Athens. She finished 14th in the Grand Final, behind many many songs in English. She also beat a number of songs in English. It goes to show that you can still stick to a language of your own and do well. And there’s still a place for something folksy. That can only be a good thing.

Christine is 36 today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Christine!