23 May – I never let me down, didi-down-down-down

Our friends in Poland have had a patchy record in our favourite TV show. From a debut runner-up to languishing in the semi-finals, they’ve probably ticked every box. They are past masters of JESC though.

In 2023, they sent today’s birthday Blanka Stajkow. Based on televoting, she eased through the semi-final, which is where many recent Polish songs had come severely unstuck. The Grand Final was a different story, but young Blanka had already generated many headlines with her Liverpool wardrobe of ourfits, and the one-word catchphrase ‘bejba’, which cropped up time after time after time. Maybe that was all she needed, and the win would just have complicated matters.

Blanka is 25 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Blanka!

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