29 April – I’m uncovering you like a pack of cards

There’s the old adage that it doesn’t matter where you perform in the running order, if you’re good enough you should still get the place you deserve. It probably does hold water, but is not strictly speaking the full story.

There are certain positions that seem to have more going for them than others. If, for example, you’re first on in the first semi-final, things won’t bode well. Today’s birthday girl Magdalena Ewa Tul had the dubious honour of performing first on a Tuesday night back in 2011. A pre-contest favourite, let’s just say things didn’t go entirely her way, although she did score from five countries. But she was in good company – none of the first five performing countries in the first semi-final made it to the Grand Final.

Magdelena is 42 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego Magdeleno!