The Semi 2 Siegels …

…sorry, Siegers – das ist nicht einfach mit Deutsch…

I think we’ve all got to go off and do our homework here, really. Based on what I just heard, however, I think we’re trying to fit about a pint of good into a two-gallon glass. Maybe not even as much as that.

I’m prepared to rule IN, immediately, the following:

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA – because Dino Merlin is pretty much Balkan music royalty, and it’s a good song, and there’s just a happy vibe coming off it.
AUSTRIA – because it’s just too good.
MOLDOVA – because Zdob Si Zdub are Balkan music royalty too, and it’s such a great contrast after a run of slow stuff.
CYPRUS – because it really has sounded and looked outstanding from out here in the sticks.
SLOVENIA – because she’s ace, apparently.
ROMANIA – because it’s a perfect slab of simple pop music.
IRELAND – because it’s catching a vibe and has a great draw.

I’m teetering on the verge of adding Denmark to the above list, but I’m now a little concerned about the fate of worthy but dull plod rock. We quite unexpectedly lost some of that yesterday evening.

Sweden, Estonia, Israel, come to the front of the class please, as I have something to say to the three of you – if you sing tonight the way you did this afternoon, the juries are going to kill you stone dead and you’re on the first flight home Friday morning. No pressure, mind!

Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia… there may be some unexpected vacancies in the final. Get yourselves suited up and be on stand-by to take them up if you’re needed.

FYR Macedonia, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia… back of the class, please. AGAIN.

We’re going to find out some stuff this evening, methinks…