Eurovision Countdown 24 – Albania according to Mo

‘Titan’ is a production line empowerment anthem of unbreakable spirits, of getting up and dusting yourself off. So far, so Eurovision.

Keep in mind that I held off hearing any of these songs until the finished versions landed, so the song that won Festivali i Këngës at the tail end of last year almost certainly sounded nothing like this—and if you’ve somehow listened to whatever that was enough times, you’ll probably feel let down by this polished modern pop song.

I didn’t listen to the 2024 songs in alphabetical order, and by the time Besa came along, I’d heard a dozen others – but this was the first entry that actually stood out.

There are none of the typical ethno-banger elements; this is pure, professional, polished pop. I’d go so far as to say it’s going to give Albania their best result in years—if not ever. Besa has a great voice and is clearly not short on staging ideas—the video surfaces at least ten alternatives.

10 pointsJust when I thought she had nothing more to show me, Besa speeds things up with a catering end to the song … snagging herself a couple of extra Mo Fanning points.


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