Eurovision Countdown 24 – Luxembourg according to Mo

They’ve been gone too long – perhaps too long, as this return is no tour de force.

It’s like someone took a bunch of recent Eurovision winners, fed them into an AI machine, produced a song, and handed it to someone who can’t hold a note in a bucket. And when you think it can’t get any worse, the out-of-breath mumbling starts.

“Fighter” tries to present a message of resilience and encouragement, but the vocals let the song down.

Its chances in Malmo, will depend on the Tali’s ability to connect with the audience, as well as how it stands out among the other entries in terms of melody, lyrical content, and overall impact. It’s therefore dead in the water.

I’m prepared to say RTL is rusty. they’ll do better next time.

Nul pointsWelcome back, but don’t get comfortable. You’re not stopping. Painfully bad in every respect.


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