Malta’s Eurosong is known – but will they keep it?

Well we all know how this has worked don’t we? – A Semi Final held in the dead of night on a Thursday when twenty four became sixteen ( I’m sure it was televised, however, but it was never announced as such!

Ta’Qali was packed to the gunnels with people all baying for that one song that would finally give Europe’s happiest rock the win that it craves.  The result of the TV show with more adverts than songs?

Nathan"Creeping Walls"391211
Chris Grech"Indescribable"277346
Maxine Pace"Alone"2845734
Fabrizio Faniello"Try to Be Better"129218
Geo Debono"The Mirror"03315
Ian"On My Own"193227
Eliana Gomez Blanco"Guess What"1010209
The Busker"Dance (Our Own Party)"41801211
Giada"I Depend on You"12314
Matt Blxck"Up."4531763
Cheryl Balzan"La La Land"54913
Christian Arding"Eku ċar"1161710
Ryan Hili"In the Silence"4144852
Dan"It'll Be OK"821012

The Busker are a Maltese band that started back in 2012 and have had a change of line up from the original one and consist of  David “Dav.Jr” Grech, Jean Paul Borg and Sean Meachen.  Their bio says they draw inspiration from The Beatles… presumably not by Forbes…..  Anyway, here is the song that may, or may not knowing Malta, get to Liverpool.

TVM reports an audience of 265,000 for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2023 final across TV broadcast and online streams.