27 April – No matter where the wind blows I’ll always think of you

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Think of a small country. Now think of a smaller one. Is it Malta? It’s not always lumped with the European microstates, but it isn’t exactly large. And if it won the big prize at the Eurovision? It would easily be the Mediterranean’s happiest rock.

They’ve been trying for over 50 years – on and off. Some say they that that first win might come sooner rather than later. Of course, as the population is smaller than average, some singers have taken part more than once. Today’s birthday boy Fabrizio Faniello is one of those performers. And his musically-minded sister has even done it once too. Anyway, Fabrizio’s best finish was in 2001 in Copenhagen. He finished ninth, among an unusual clutch of songs that all did better. Still, ninth wasn’t that bad, you may think, and he almost laid the ground for his country’s first win. Darn you, Latvia!

Fabrizio is 43 today.

Is-sena t-tajba, Fabrizio!

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