Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 27 – Norway

Gåte are what you get by mixing Norwegian folk music with modern rock. They have quite a pedigree in this niche Norwegian scene and are bringing this sound to Eurovision 2024. I have to admit to this not clicking at all during the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, so I’ve had to come to this afresh to appraise it.

Since the MGP I’ve also had something of a revived interest in the folk, Celtic, Moorish and Arabic blend of music I enjoyed in my late teens and early twenties through seeing an artist named Loreena McKennitt play live, so I’m pleasantly surprised on my return to this that I rather enjoy the verses. The chorus, though, is where Gåte and I part; it’s just a bit shouty, which I realise feels an unfair critique of what is a perfectly legitimate artistic choice.

There’s something elemental in Ulveham. Its ancient inspiration is plucked straight from folklore and fairy tale. We have a wicked stepmother, kingdoms, woodlands, wolves and the drinking of your sibling’s blood crammed into just 10 lines of text. It’s all a million miles away from a simple Damdiggida.

4 PointsLooking at the presentation in the MGP final I can’t help but draw comparison with France’s 2022 Fulenn. I see similarities in the feel, colour, and traditional/modern blend. Ultimately Fulenn’s competing elements created a lack of cohesion on stage and its ill-fate was sealed. I fear that lightning may strike twice here.


Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK/EBU

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