Norwegian MGP has kicked off it’s circus. Heat One result now live

So we are back to the familiar in Norway for this years MGP – another one that is staged behind closed doors and another one with the multi semi final format.  This one, the first of Five, had the duel format with two rounds to decide the winner.  The losers don’t go home though, they get a change in the multi participant second chance round in several weeks time. Those 5 will meet the 5 pre-qualified songs later down the road.

The results of the duels and the first qualifier to the final is below.

First Round
Song Performer(s)
We still here Mira Craig
Ecstasy Eline Noelia q
Dance like a pink flamingo TrollfesT q
Black flowers Frode Vassel
Ecstasy Eline Noelia
Black flowers Frode Vassel Q


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