Heat Three in Norway – 1 more into the final.

Seconds out, round three in Norway took place and, seemingly, another of their presenters was absent with the Covid.  It was considerably better than last week’s car crash but still not as good as the first week. This time we had another alum of the Idol franchise taking part so, of course, that would have given her a massive advantage, right? ( Especially as she’s singing a song about Mjolnir) and to continue the A1 theme – Ben Adams wrote Vilde’s song.

The results of those duels and the third direct qualifier to the final are below – despite me thinking the song was very light on the old tune…. who the hell am I to argue.

First Round
Song  Performer(s)
Your loss Mari Bølla
Hammer of Thor Oda Gondrosen Q
Skår i hjertet Sturla
Titans Vilde Q
Hammer of Thor Oda Gondrosen Q
Titans Vilde


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