Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 21/37 – Latvia

It’s about damn time Latvia remembered what a good song sounded like – it’s been 84 years ( That’s all the memes for now thanks).

The intro to the song reminds me of this

And that’s not a bad start but I think Dons could be having a fair few lawsuits for plagiarism by the end of this season because it sounds like a fair few other songs but, crucially for his lawyers, none of which I can remember the titles of.  There is no doubt that Dons has a great voice and this is another song where they can’t recreate the preview video so a different concept needs to be tried out on Europe.

The song itself builds well towards the climax which is what it needs after the first chorus rather creeps into view and my only negative is the same as a couple of other songs, that it peters out towards the end rather than building to the end but, having said all that, Dons is going to wring out every bit of emotion he can out of this song (and the lyrics are also strong as well) and that is going to help it stand out against the also-rans and sound-alikes.

Eight PointsCouple that with the familiarity and ease on the ears and its sailing into the final.  When it gets there it should pick up more than its fair share of votes because it’s a well-written, well-performed song.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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