Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 21 – Latvia

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Are you still with me? We’re into the 20s, so over the hump. When I’m writing these commentaries, I always tend to flag around the Ls but the end is in sight. What we need around now is a big old banger to up the pace. Unfortunately, we have Latvia.

On the plus side Dons has a great voice. It’s third time lucky – for him – in attempting to represent Latvia after attempts in 2010 and 2014. Despite being an avid watcher of national finals to select entries for Second Cherry I can’t remember either. On the not plus side – for him – I fear Hollow may face the same fate.

There’s plenty of angst here. Dons is facing some personal crisis. It’s illustrated in the video where he finds himself in a wasteland surrounded by figures which resemble him physically, and interchange with him. There are visual themes of being trapped, restricted from moving, and lyrically about digging you own shallow grave. The lyrics also hint at staying true to your principles when all this is caving in on you.

3 pointsThat principled stance may offer some positivity but it’s too little and too late. The rest of this is properly miserable. As well as Dons sings this who won’t have tuned out by the time he’s halfway through? Eurovision needs a diverse range of genres, but fuck me, this is dreary!


Photo: Dons Music/EBU

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