Eurovision Countdown 24 – Latvia according to Mo

It’s an absolute pleasure to hear something from Latvia that I don’t want to skip within twenty seconds of it starting.

LTV started strong back in the days of Brainstorm, but things quickly went to shit and stayed that way – and yes, I am including Marie N in the count.

The song starts well, with Crash Test Dummy lookalike Doms mumbling towards what you just know will be a big chorus. Strangely, the first blast of a chorus is underwhelming. By the second go, things hit their stride and the package works.

Pitched against a bunch of unremarkable light-pop dance numbers and a gaggle of wannabe-Käärijä performances, Doms could grab a lot of votes.

Eight PointsIt’s going to come down to staging and live voice. This could be one to watch.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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