Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 33/37 – Spain

Blanca Paloma

<remember not to offend many people with this one Phil….>

I don’t get the hype around this song. I absolutely do; it’s Spanish Fans being vocal as hell on socials cos “Spain innit” as they did with Chanel (3rd place, remember!) and every other Spanish entrant.

And it’s their right to do so as a fanbase. But what have they got?

A remake of this?

Brought bang up to date, if you can even do that, by Blanca Paloma, who clearly is channelling her inner flamenco through this song. I’m not sure who or what this song is aimed at. The Juries will doubtlessly see a well-crafted song with tons of local flavour sung by a woman who knows her craft, but, and this is the key here, is that going to help it stand out above Finland, Sweden and others? – Not so sure.

Your average televoter is not going to pay it any heed either; it won’t entertain them in the vast numbers required for this to do any business with the likes of Sweden and Finland and Moldova and < insert more countries here > – If it does get points, which I’m not even sure it will, expect 2’s and 3’s.

It’s a good song – it’s just not a good contest song, and the Spaniards won’t want to understand why.

Phil’s Score – 4 Points