Swiss reveal their hand. Joker or Poker?

SRF, the Swiss German broadcaster revealed the  Swiss entry for Eurovision 2024 at 1100 CET. As has become usual there was not a Swiss Final, so no language showcase on show, but tthere had been over 420 entries submitted.  These were then whittled down, via Internal selection, to Five and then to one.

It wasn’t SRF’s choice alone though – there were three juries.  A Swiss Only jury, an “International” jury and an “Expert” jury comprising 25 hardy souls who cast their votes.

Last year Remo with Watergun ended up in 20th place so hopes are high of a better finishing position this time around.  Of course you can see and hear the song below.

Swiss German Telly’s website, SF.CH says :

“Nemo is nonbinary, i.e. he identifies neither as a man nor as a woman (hence the renunciation of gender-specific pronouns) and represents not only Switzerland, but queer people beyond the country’s borders: “The ESC offers me the chance to build bridges between different cultures and generations – and to stand up for the entire LGBTQIA+ community as a genderqueer person.”

“The Code” is also about overcoming social norms, finding one’s own truth and finally living it out. Specifically, the 24-year-old ESC act sings about his own journey towards realizing and accepting that he doesn’t just feel masculine or feminine. “The path to myself was a long and often difficult process for me,” says Nemo.

Nemo became known to a wide audience seven years ago when Nemo unexpectedly gave one of the best performances of the evening at SRF’s rap summit Bounce Cypher and became a viral star overnight. Later that year, Nemo was named “SRF 3 Best Talent” and in 2017 snatched the Swiss Music Award in this newcomer category.

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