Finland – Semi Final 2 might wake me up

The Rasmus and their balloons at Eurovision 2022
The Rasmus and their balloons at Eurovision 2022

Well after the downbeat ending to the first semi-final, we now move, almost seamlessly, to the second.

The Rasmus is surely the tonic I need at 10:20 on a Thursday Morning! Or so I thought. Lauri sings the first half of the song in an open sou’wester, as though there is a storm coming – whilst, at the beginning, holding a yellow balloon, which he lets go of at a point in the song for reasons unclear to me.

The balloon motif continues as he walks around them singing the song, before casting off his raincoat to reveal the obligatory rock start tattooed torso and arms. The rest of the band cavort around him pretending to play their instruments.

Going through the motions

This performance seems tired and dated in a different way to that of Bulgaria several contest days ago. This is a band, not a “project”, who should know what they are doing, but they are seemingly going through the motions with a song that is not their best, written to mix a Contest with a genuine rock band.

What you end up with has played out on my screen. The vocals were fine in the first run-through, but in the second the backing mix came across too loudly for me, and like so many songs this year, I think it is one chorus too long. I saw a band past its best trying for one last shout, or at least that’s what it felt like at OnEurope Towers.

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