UK – Eurovision: you decide … thankfully, no

Michael Rice

It seems that once again the UK has decided to change tack for the Eurovision Song Contest.

For 2020, gone are the six songs that made up Eurovision: YOU Decide and in comes a very old idea: get someone else to write the song and present it as your entry.

Frankly, some people will hate this idea, but as the UK public seem unable to make a binary choice, a senary one is clearly beyond them. Instead the beleaguered broadcaster will have talks with a real live record company and publishing house – BMG – and after lots of talking and stuff, we’ll get to hear a song.

The BBC are spinning this as their chance to turn a Eurovision corner, clearly code for “We’ve had enough of being shit, let’s see if someone else can do any better.”

Everything at sounds positive, so lets hope they can match the spin with a decent song!

One lives in hope.