22 April – Still she’s hesitating is the ice worth breaking?

The United Kingdom used to be one of the countries that ruled the roost at our favourite TV programme. They saw coming fourth as a relative failure. Then came the free language rule and everything changed.

Talking of finishing fourth, today’s birthday girl Aeone Victoria ‘Vikki’ Watson managed that very position in 1985, when the [best ever] contest was staged on Göteborg/Gothenburg. And in an even more delicious twist of neatness, she scored 100 points. This contest was actually a very close affair, and it gave Norway their first win. A certain Ms Lys Assia (bless her) was also the guest of honour. So what’s not to like. Anyway, chairs have featured in Eurovision songs before, but has one ever been used so effectively?

Vikki is 65 today.

Happy birthday, Vikki!

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