People of Earth, this is Malta calling!

Looking not unlike Princess Leia – which I suspect is deliberate for a song with very futuristic (as imagined in 1987) feel! – Gaia easily has the best connectivity with the camera I’ve seen so far this morning: she beams down the camera at every turn and seems to be having a lot of fun – which combined with a catchy singalong song and a retro 80s sound that is very in at the moment, this all bodes well for getting votes from viewers across the continent. Staging wise, there is a lot going on here… neon lights pierce an otherwise dark stage, images on the screen behind the trio, dancers body-popping and shimmying… there’s an idea in fashion that says take off the last thing you put on and I feel like this staging would benefit from scaling back in some respects. That being said, Gaia looks like she’s having a lot of fun on that stage and that is infectious – that will really serve her well come on Sunday!