LIVE BLOG: Eurovision 2019 – Second semi-final

Hosts of Eurovision 2019

Were you ready for the second bunch of Eurovision 2019 hopefuls? Tonight we got 18 songs, and they scored the remaining ten grand final slots.

I was on hand to walk you through the finer points of what happened on stage and you were welcome to join in with comments. We had such fun together on Tuesday, after all.

Click to see the line-up for tonight
01ArmeniaSrbukWalking outELIMINATED
02IrelandSarah McTernan22ELIMINATED
03MoldovaAnna OdobescuStayELIMINATED
04SwitzerlandLuca HänniShe got meQUALIFIED
05LatviaCarouselThat nightELIMINATED
06RomaniaEster PeonyOn a SundayELIMINATED
07DenmarkLeonoraLove Is foreverQUALIFIED
08SwedenJohn LundvikToo late for loveQUALIFIED
10CroatiaRokoThe dreamELIMINATED
12LithuaniaJurij VeklenkoRun with the lionsELIMINATED
13RussiaSergey LazarevScreamQUALIFIED
14AlbaniaJonida MaliqiKtheju tokësQUALIFIED
15NorwayKEiiNOSpirit in the skyQUALIFIED
16NetherlandsDuncan LaurenceArcadeQUALIFIED
17North MacedoniaTamara TodevskaProudQUALIFIED

There were just three places left in the second half of the running order, and we’ll be getting more about that later tonight.

May 16, 2019 7:45 pm
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Winners' Press Conference

watch here

Mo Fanning
Thank you and goodnight ...

There will be a press conference in Tel Aviv, where the ten get to pick lots to say if they're in the first or second part of the show. After this, heads are scratched as the producers try to work out the running order for Saturday taking account of logistics and entertainment value.

You can expect something around midnight UK time (or it might even be tomorrow). We'll catch you up on Friday morning.

Mo Fanning
Who's through?

It's time. Obviously there's a bit of banter with Eurovision hard man Jon-Ola, who seems to be building his part, and now we're away ...

The ten through to Saturday night's big show are ...

  • North Macedonia 
  • Netherlands
  • Albania
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Malta

So, that's another 9/10 from the smug Fannings.

Mo Fanning

Right, enjoy the silence from here. I'll pipe up again with the qualifying country list just to keep things tidy.

Mo Fanning
The Fanning verdict

Our qualifiers are as follows:

  • Armenia
  • Switzerland 
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Malta
  • Russia
  • Norway
  • Netherlands
  • North Macedonia
  • Azerbaijan

but I have to admit to being disappointed by songs I expected to love this evening.

Mo Fanning

It's time for interval acts a plenty, none of which I can bring myself to care about, but I'll be back to share the Fanning household prediction - can we equal our fluke 9/10 on Tuesday? 

Mo Fanning

Forget Luca, Russian-born Chingiz is my new love. I'm being given a ridiculously handsome muscle bear of a man husking his way through a camp old banger of a song that sounds to have been ripped from an old Pet Shop Boys album.

There are robot/laser effects a plenty - maybe too much - I grew tired long before they did, and I have to say that things run out of steam after a couple of minutes.

It's hard to make a three-minute song with two standout verses and an ethnic wail sound repetitive, but the Azeris have managed.

It's through, but it's not the winner.

Mo Fanning
North Macedonia

For so many years, the Macedonians were famed for having borderline songs ruined by staging.

I'm not going to pretend 'Proud' is anything but a very average shout-by-numbers composition, but Tamara Todevska turns in a great performance, charisma poured from the screen.

I'll say it now though, that frock does her no favours and the mirrors showing her back seem pointless. Did Sergey go halves on props? 

It must qualify, surely?

Mo Fanning
When you knicked someone elses staging

and pretend nothing has happened

Phil Colclough

The Dutch wanted it dark, and that’s how it started. A lovely sweeping shot, picking out Duncan  in all the dark blue.

Plenty of well-timed smouldering at the camera, the long shots were perfectly timed to make the best of the backdrop, and then we zoomed out as the verse progressed.

The much discussed Belgian yo-yo light worked beautifully.

All in all, this was stunning and proved a true high point for me.

Mo Fanning
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Image Credits: Thomas Hanses.


  1. 8/10 – missing on Albania and Denmark.

    All Scandi are through, which I didn’t think will be possible.
    3/7 split – Can’t remember the last time this happened.
    Last 6 songs performed have qualified

  2. North Macedonia – a classic Eurovision ballad. She sing it well and they didn’t bricked the staging up.
    She sings this well

  3. Albania – is too dark and not working, no matter how ethnics it sounds.
    Vocally is this just not good.
    Apparently the collums at the side of the stage can move

  4. Lithuania – I just had my toilet break.
    Rule 2525 of Eurovision is that you are not allowed to be boring

  5. Denmark – it’s almost childish and very sweet but it is also very calculated.
    Is there a hidden backing singer?

  6. Latvia – a perfect lounge music. That says it all about it chances. Musically not a bad song, just not enough for this competition

  7. Switzerland -he is the male Eleni. The whole performance scream Fuego, with a little less passion.
    He is a bit breathy, but he is doing just fine

  8. Armenia + fine vocals but having her alone on stage is wrong.
    Also a questionable fashion choice.
    She looks desperate

  9. Got 9 out of 10 – really did not see Albania qualifying (I had Romania in the last place but it was a bit of a guess to be honest). Like Darren below I was very underwhelmed with both Sweden and Netherlands and just don’t understand where the hype is coming from on these two. Russia was well-performed but is as cold and calculated as a song can be. Be fun to see him come third again in the final! Actually the surprise of the night for me was North Macedonia which came across as a solid well-sung if unspectacular song.

    I’ve been very underwhelmed with both semi-finals to be honest. Australia has been my favourite since it was picked (because I’m a sucker for popera) and with the staging now I hope it goes all the way. Especially as it will annoy the bejesus out of Phil if it wins!!! 😉

    But then I was the same about Israel and Cyprus last year and don’t get started on that rubbish from Portugal in 2017. Clearly the public/juries/fans of Eurovision and I have had a parting of the ways in the last few years.

  10. 9/10, and I so almost swapped out Armenia for Albania! (Armenia were my 10th place prediction)

  11. After watching the performances, I don’t think Romania is qualifying and Denmark are but I am less certain about Norway and Austria

  12. My predicted qualifiers are the same as Mo’s (I’ve not changed my 10 since before the contest started but I’ve changed the order a bit).
    North Macedonia

    I don’t rate Netherlands that much but it was probably tonight’s winner. Australia FTW on Saturday.

  13. Azerbaijan – it lacks some of the energy from the video and Hiden backing singers were doing some of the singing for him

  14. I found both Sweden and Netherlands (who I had predicted as 1 and 2 respectively in this semi) quite underwhelming. Russia too. It wouldn’t surprise me if Switzerland have won this semi?

  15. The Netherlands – too many wide shots.
    But he performed it well although not giving you the goosebumps the song gave me at first listen

  16. Norway – who thought that placing them on 3 side of the stage was a good idea?
    Now they are together but there is no chemistry between them.
    And that bridge is a miss

  17. Russia – he is starting off key and too low in the mix.
    And the staging is a let down. Bring You Are the only one back, which I never like. Show you how much I dislike this one

  18. Malta – this is cool. It works to a certain level. She is a bit static for the song, but she should qualify

  19. Austria – this utlize the stage in right way.
    Not sure if this strong enough to go through, though

  20. Moldova – old fashioned ballad and she is off key, sometimes. I think her backing singers are helping her a bit

  21. Ireland – I like the pop-art vibe of this but can we have a better song.
    It’s just a forgettable song that lacks of energy

  22. Prediction time:

    I have a small problem with this semi. I can’t see all Scandi countries qualifying.
    Last year they were also in the same semi and managed to qualify, all of them. But last year was a much weaker semi than this year.
    As Sweden is definitely qualifying, I have to figure out between Norway and Denmark.
    Than there is the question whether I should go with the 5/5 split or the 4/6 split.
    Another issue is what to do with Austria – personally I love the song and from what I read, they managed to make song works in a staging that just sell the song.

    In short the prediction below, or at least part of it, is not going to happen:

    The Netherlands
    North Macedonia

    Denmark may sneak in instead of one of the above.

    Enjoy the show

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