Benidorm fest kicks off – Late at night – best place for them!

A 2245CET start isn’t really conducive for any good reportage at this time of the night or morning (Depending when I release this).  This was the uneven semi final – 6 in this one, because the seventh song withdrew due to the fact that the artist was not impressed that they couldn’t use autotune (begging the question “Have you ever been to a Eurovision before?“)

Anyway, the six hardy souls left decided to turn up and sing… on Television – in front of about 9 people.  4 of them qualified through the votes of the Jury (50%), Televote (25%) and the Demoscopic Jury (25%)

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Demoscopic Total Psn
Raffaella Varry Brava 39 20 15 74 4 Q
Postureo Azúcar Moreno 39 12 18 69 5
Secreto de agua Blanca Paloma 41 18 20 79 3 Q
Mejores Unique 28 15 12 55 6
Terra Tanxugueiras 38 30 25 93 2 Q
Slo mo Chanel 55 25 30 110 1 Q


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