Fresh Ema you say? – Half stale more like

The unheralded (on this site at any rate) selection show for new talent, EMA Freš, took place on RTVSLO tonight where there had been, apparently, some pre heats where snippets of songs were played but you got to listen to all 14 of the duel finalists on socials and, presumably, the good old telebox as well tonight.

Two of the songs qualified via Jury with 2 qualifying via Televote and there was no distinction made between which method you qualified from.  The results are:

Song Performer(s)
Telenovela Mia Vuckovic
Obstajam De Liri
Jesus style Jon Vitezic
Moj dopamin Ina
I am so in love Marijan Novak & Špela Velikanje
Tu in zdaj Stela Sofia Q
Naked Leya Leanne Q
Pocakaj me Nika S
Deadly flower Katja Kos
Svoje srece krojac Jaka Hliš
Maniac Anja Vodošek
Moja sreca Emma
Disko LPS (Last Pizza Slice) Q
All in Luma Q

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