28 March – The colours are fading

Do you miss Turkey? They weren’t always every juror’s favourite, but they did bring a little extra something to the contests they took part in. They even won once, which proves that anyone can win – yes, even that country that often fails to make the semi-finals.

Back in 2000, our friends had been in the circus (off and on) for 25 years so thought there win was overdue. They sent today’s birthday girl Pınar Ayhan to fortress Globen (as was) to see if she could bring home the prize. Well, with her pals (Selim, Orkun and husband Sühan) the SOS she possibly stunned everyone by achieving her country’s third-best result at the time. This included two maxima. No mean feat for a country with a certain track record. It also signalled the start of a good set of results for the Turks. It’s a pity they’ve not been back since 2012.

Pınar is 50 today.

Doğum günün kutlu olsun, Pınar’ım!

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