San Marino isn’t Sanremo, and it shows.

After a very long and boring week of shows where San Marino thought it was Sanremo, only from the pound shop, we get to the final with seventeen acts fighting it out for the right to follow Piqued Jacks.  Note, no one can!

I managed to have this final on in the background but I have had it described as “The worst national final ever” which, I suspect, is a bit harsh considering some of the Maltasongs I have gone through in the past.

I can’t lie, though, it was exhausting, so much so that I went to bed before the final result – bad fan me.  You will have heard of some of the entries before. This is because a couple of them transferred “direkt från Sanremo” (sorta like being knocked out of the Champions League).  Jalisse were also spotted in the wild after their performance at Teatro Ariston. Will wonders never cease?

After an incredibly long show, here are the full results.

Il protagonistaPago 17
With YouDaudia12
A Dare for LoveAimie Atkinson4
Chi siamo davveroMarcella Bella6
HumanAaron Sibley13
Questa voltaWlady ,  DJ Jad, Corona and Ice MC14
PazzaLoredana Bertè2
Dance like ThisBooom!5
Il paradiso è quiJalisse10
Big MamaMate9
ParanoiaMasala and Foresta11
Governo del cuoreLa Rua 3
The Last Polar BearDana Gillespie7
11:11Megara 1

You may have heard of Megara as well. They came in fourth place at Benidormfest last year. This result encouraged them to travel across Europe and win this award instead. Good luck I say – If the Swedes can do it…..

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