OK, so, let’s start with Albania

Ronela from Albania rehearsed her song Sekret second rehearsal
Ronela from Albania rehearsed her song Sekret second rehearsal

Finally back with something I know how to control – a live blog of the rehearsals – yay – Welcome!

In good news – We won’t be seeing the first run through of any rehearsal because that’s just a soundcheck effectively, and, this year, there doesn’t seem to be a chat function in the lobby of the rehearsal room – which is also good.

Seemingly Ronela was late to the first rehearsal (according to the good people at Eurovision) which doesn’t bode well for finishing this side of Xmas. Apparently to the online press centre, there is no feed so I am literally going off what wiwibl*oggs tell me so apologies if it slays!

Ronela is trying out a sparkly silver outfit, and her dancers have added some black leather harnesses.

They haven’t censored the dancing, apparently, but its all raunchy and stuff. They dimmed the lights (during one of the three run-throughs) so you couldn’t see the female dancer going down on her. I’m sorry I can’t give you anything more but I didn’t see it.  Apparently, though, Ronela shouted “Fuck this mic” when she had finished.

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