Latvia – And we’re getting the delegation feed!

Latvians at the second rehearsal this morning
Latvians at the second rehearsal this morning

So we are getting the entire delegation feed from start to finish – this is good.  We are seeing the Cue Pilot screen which, as you all know, is the camera schedule feed.

Citi Zeni no matter what you think of them, are bouncing all over the place, but it is very Janis-centric (as you would expect) while the backing “band” – for want of a better phrase – don’t get that much of a look in. In the background their screen seems to remind me as something the X Factor here in the UK would show. There are some nice touches: a fruit salad shown on the LED screens above and below the band showing the words “Hot” and “Cool”.  In the sax solo the “player” is shown playing against the white background.

To me, and its just my opinion, it looks a bit disjointed and messy almost as though all of the elements are there but the camera work doesn’t show the song off to the best of their ability, and it all seems a bit negative with too many wide shots for my liking – almost as though the cameras can’t tone down the contrast – it’s very very bright. Lets see if the third run through is any better?

This second run through looks better, as they have tightened up what they are doing – well it is a rehearsal after all I guess for everyone including the camera crew, but I am starting to get concerned at some of the camera directions. Its almost as though the crew are making it up!

There seems to be a problem with audio from the first run-through which has been seemingly corrected.

Janis hopes Latvia is proud – I suspect they won’t be.