22 February – Little hares have short noses and little cats have soft paws

Eurovision is full of wonder. I often wonder why Schlager is so popular. Or why Carola is so popular. Or even why we never see Monaco anymore.

But what also makes me wonder sometimes is why certain countries pick certain songs. Is it to have a broad appeal across Europe? Or just to reflect that certain country’s own culture? Or, in today’s song, a combination of both. It comes from birthday boy Alf Poier and must have given Europe a start when he broke into song. Surrounded by cardboard cutouts. And this was after he’d presented the mayor of Rīga with an anthill. Like you do. This performance was second on, and came sixth! Sixth! How remarkable is that. It certainly made me laugh.

Alf is 57 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Alf!