Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 4/37 – Austria

“I am a child, a child of the eighties” – no no, Marie Myriam did not sing that in 1977, but ever since I have started hearing this song it has reminded me of my formative years.   This lives rent-free in my head and I’m not ashamed to say that.  Kaleen’s team has given the gays exactly the kind of thing that they like – lots of half-naked men greased up in a garage but before you all trot off to Only Fans, I have to counsel you that this is not what Raves are all about – and before Mr Roy D Hacksaw tells me I’ve never been to one, no I haven’t, but I know enough to know that it’s more “Aceeeeeed” than brake dust at these kinds of things.

This is exactly what Cascada should have entered for Germany that time. Instead of being half-arsed you go full-throated glowstick and all “big fish, little fish” with a driving backbeat and go straight for the televoting jugular.  It’s written by Swedes (surprisingly) so they know what they are playing at when it comes to doing well in this contest.  It ticks all the boxes, false ending, great hook, and a woman giving it some heavy dancing with an obligatory dance break factored into this in more than one place.

Twelve PointsThe only thing that could possibly scupper this was if Kaleen couldn’t sing live.  Sadly, anyone that saw the leak of the internal selection knows the answer to that very question.  She still has several weeks to pick up all the notes and sing them in the right order and with some hefty choreo that this song is crying out for I think this could not only qualify with ease, but is on the Phil shortlist to win the whole contest.   Mind you, I’m just a middle aged poofter, so what do I know?


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