3 May – Your farewell hurts deep inside of me

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There’s an exclusive club. Well, yeah, there are lots of exclusive clubs. But today’s exclusive belongs to those people who did back-to-back appearances in our favourite TV show.

We can name plenty – Lena, Jedward, Val Monetta – all illustrious names*. Today’s birthday boy Tony Wegas (né Anton Hans Sarközi) entered two very different songs, that divide opinion amongst the fan community. We’ll not dwell on Mr Wegas’s colourful private life, and concentrate on this song of his. In sunny Malmö Tony came 10th, even getting a maximum from the eventual winners Ireland. It’s a decent song, but the cherry on top has to be the sumptuous blue jacket.

Tony is 59 today.

Frohe Geburtstag, Tony!

*only one is an illustrious name

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