13 June – Drum, drum, drum

When an act takes to the Eurovision stage, there will be have been a whole lot of planning to decide costumes, backing singers and dancers, and setting. At least, we hope there have been planning meetings.

Today’s birthday girl Dihaj (née Діана Гаджиє́ва/Diana Hacıyeva) had a stage act to remember when she went to Kyiv in 2017. The planning for that must have been fun. Chalk, walls to write on, oh, and a ladder topped by a man in a suit and horse’s head. There was even subliminal advertising for a fruit-flavoured soft drink. What could be more normal? Her novel stage act was more of a hit with the televoters than the juries, but not enough to prevent Dihaj and her pals making the final and eventually finishing 14th. But the next time you watch a performance, just bear in mind what the broadcaster was thinking when they planned their kickass stage act.

Dihaj is 32 today.

Ad günün mübarək, Dihaj!