Eurovision Countdown 24 – Azerbaijan according to Mo

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After the all-time low of Cleopatra, there’s been a sense that Azerbaijan is determined to get by without buying in something from Sweden. Last year, it didn’t work, but this time around, it sounds to me like they’re aiming for the final.

Fair enough, I worried somewhat when the song started, and Fahree’s husky vocal came across as somewhat slurred (often, I end up wishing a singer had stuck to their native tongue to mask any unfamiliarity with phrasing that detracts from otherwise perfect vocals). Within two lines, the vocal opened up and hit its stride, and Fahree delivers in spades.

Purists will point out the lack of a defined chorus, but for me, that makes this a stronger option. The build and intensity are never interrupted, carried along by achingly lovely violins.

12 PointsOften, the ‘ethnic’ part in a song like this feels nailed on, but the Mughamat break slides in beautifully, with Ilkin in fine voice, adding to the wistful calling of Özünlə Apar . It’s been a long time coming, but …


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