20 May – People dropping, tossing coins in wishing wells

Our friends in Azerbaijan have always been eager participants in our favourite TV show. With one win under their belt, they’re doing better than some, and they must be eager for another win.

Azerbaijan’s traditional course is to out-source the song writing skills and employ a local performer, which is what happened in 2014. today’s birthday girl Dilarə Kazımova/Dilara Kazimova had a sung written by a non-Azerbaijani who had written her country’s winner along with others down the years. Ironically, every song from Azerbaijan that has made the final has done better than Dilara, even though she got a maximum. But not all their songs have made the final. So that’s a plus, surely?

Dilara is 40 today.

Ad günün mübarək, Dilarə!

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