Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 8/37 – Cyprus

I feel as though I have written the same thing for Cyprus for the last several years. It’s a girl, shaking her thing, feeling empowered, singing a song about empowerment.

It’s almost as though Panik Records keep giving CYBC the same old thing and because it worked once, they think it’s the only type of thing that does well at Eurovision – here’s a clue – it’s not. I’m pretty sure I can describe how this is going to be staged.  Lots of dancers, Silia in very little, and a dance break to show off her “talents” in the instrumental break.

Five PointsI’m tired of it, but most of Europe won’t know or care what I think – they’ll see the girl shaking her thang on stage, and the gays that vote in its semi final will, more than likely, qualify this because she “slays” and is a “gurl” – at least one of those two epithets is true at any rate.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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