21 January – Be the first to turn around

Denmark. A fine country eh? Full of bacon, pastries and the odd singer. And once you get them talking in their own language, you’ll be more amazed than at any time in your life.

They’ve sent acts of all shapes an sizes, including some resplendent in much hair and moody effects. Like today’s birthday boy Jonas Flodager Rasmussen. Luckily for us he just uses his last name. He gave us a Game of Thrones meets buccaneering sort of vibe, which was refreshing amongst a sea of posh frocks, new trousers and complicated dance routines. He gave us no dance routines, but flags instead. Who doesn’t love a good flag? Well, the people of Europe. Rasmussen finished ninth, getting a smattering of maxima in the process. I still think it was the flags that did it.

Rasmussen is 37 today.

Tillykke med fødselsdagen, Rasmussen!