1 March – Blues, ballad or folk, children’s songs are allowed too

Back in the day, when there was no free language rule, some took it upon themselves to bend the rules as much as possible. They were allowed a few phrases in other languages. If you did it right, you could title your song in another language.

Today’s birthday girl Bernadette Kraakman (now Creuzlechleitner) was doing her stuff in 1983 in sunny München. It might not have been sunny at night, because they put the electric fire on. You can see it behind yellow-clad Bernadette. Anyway, whilst her song was in Dutch – which is needed to be – her songwriters decided to give it an English title. It must have worked. Switzerland gave her a maximum – they like languages in Switzerland – and she came seventh! Bernadette now runs a ranch in western Canada.

Bernadette is 65 today.

Gefeliciteerd, Bernadette!

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