8 June – Hold on for the ride of your life

What did you make of the 2021 contest in Rotterdam. Did we get the result at the top of the leaderboard we deserve? Were there any injustices further down the list? Should a losing semi-finalists have really made it?

We know that a large number of competitors selected for 2020 did get their chance in Rotterdam. But others didn’t. One of the singers who was only picked for 2021 was today’s birthday boy Rafał Brzozowski. He was given a song written by Nordic songwriters and it was alleged it was bound for another nation’s national selection. Anyway, Rafał performed this youthful song with a group of similarly-clad pals, using the stage as best he could. His song was liked almost equally by juries and televoters – and he even received a maximum. So maybe not everyone thought he was a like a dad getting down with the kids and performing a song at his son’s 18th birthday party.

Rafał 41 today.

Wszystkiego najlepszego, Rafał!