1 May – Your head, my head

We love winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. But we should also remember that someone has to come last. Whether that song deserves to come last is another matter.

Back in the day, the last placed song could have finished 11th with every jury, so scores nothing at all. A little harsh. It’s a little less likely now with the fun and games of televoters and jurors getting separate billing. But finishing 11th with a jury meant no points. And finishing 11th with every jury meant no points at all. Today’s birthday girl Remedios Amaya (née María Dolores Amaya Vega) got that no point malarkey – very harshly in my opinion. However, she managed to finish 19th out of 20, as another country was in the exact same situation. Did Remedios deserve points? Definitely. The sad part is that in the 21st Century, she’d no doubt get them by the dozen.

Remedios is 57 today.

Feliz cumpleaños, Remedios!