Norway – this is entertainment!

Subwoolfer at their second Eurovision rehearsal today in Turin
Subwoolfer at their second Eurovision rehearsal today in Turin

Now this is all sorts of genius. Possibly not in the way the Contest Gods intended 66 years ago, but genius none the less.

Subwoolfer’s performance is the kind of thing that the ‘on tape backing singer’ option was made for, because if they had to provide all the supporting vocals live, then this song either would not have been written … or would sound rubbish. Whereas at the moment, it can be divided into two very distinct parts.

Out front

Firstly the staging. Totally on point (ugh) with everyone playing their parts wonderfully.  Keith and Jim and DJ Astronaut – who has nicked the DJ plinth from Slovenia and repurposed it – are the main leads, doing most of the out front bits, but not forgetting the three gimp-suited dancers playing the supporting cast – with the choreographed equivalent of knowing winks to camera. The stage is all in banana yellow too, well it would have to be wouldn’t it? Instead of showing the lyrics on the background screens, there  are actual graphics – which is also a bonus. If a performance could break the fourth wall and wink directly at you, then this is it.

Good song?

But buried away is a song as well. Is it good? Nope, but then again it doesn’t have to be.  What a song needs to get televoter points is to illicit a response from the audience. This will have come straight after Greece which, if performed as well as yesterday, is a contender for second place. Subwoolfer will get panned by the middle-aged, white jurors but, then again, the whole performance isn’t aimed at them. It’s aimed at you, my dear reader.

Interestingly they left the mics up for a little bit, one of them doesn’t half sound like Ben Adams from A1……