Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 15/37 – Germany

Lords of the lost Eurovision

Lord of the lost – Blood and Glitter

Having seen Mo’s review, who gave this song a 0 and, as Georgia showed, I’d already wrote these once and now I am not near my computer, I thought I’d better take a second glimpse at this song.

They are an accomplished rock band with a huge back catalogue of stuff, that I wouldn’t like, but I know that there are people who read this shit that would love them.  This, though, is not quite the rock song that people want it to be.

Yes, there is a bit of shouting and screaming and all of the accoutrements of a rock performance but, behind it, there is a lackluster song that, rock removed, could be a schlager song, a shit one, but a schlager song none the less. It is, essentially, the same bit of music repeated over and over with some shouty bits.

Again, not for me and, if this is the best song the Germans can select in a final they put out in the arse-end of nowhere, then they have bigger problems than this song.

Phil’s Score – 4 Points.