Phil’s Eurovision Countdown – Part 22/37 – Lithuania

Any song that beats The Roop to their coronation in Lithuania must be decent, yeah?.. Yeah?!

Well, Silvester seems to have stolen *his* introduction from the middle bit of “Blinded by the Light” by Manfred Mann – I know I’ve lost the yoof of today with that reference but they have.

It’s all very techno with a big driving beat and is built around the world “ Luktelk” as the only word in what passes for the Chorus of this song and if you are pinning all your hopes on that being an earworm, you are in trouble.

Silvester marries this up by dressing like something out the club scene, presumably that kind of dodgy bloke you find in the dark recesses of the dance floor throwing shapes.  In a direct comparison between this and Austria in a “Rave-off” this comes second in a field of two.

It’s a big ball of nothing and it took me three listens to realise that it had verses.  The songwriters clearly had one idea that they pitched, the title of the song, and tried to build something around it but thought “fuck it” by the time we get to the last 45 seconds and get Silvester to go back to repeating that one word.

6 PointsIt’s not as bad as I have made it sound, dear reader, far from it.  I an just disappointed at the lack of ideas and drive behind a song that could have built towards a massive ending.


OnEurope Countdown to Eurovision 2024

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1 month ago

Good spot with the Manfred Mann reference – haven’t heard that for years!