Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 22 – Lithuania

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Twink count ahoy! Silvester’s adding to this year’s tally. His song Luktelk – Wait – is a contemporary piece of urgent, driving pop. It describes a state of limbo, stuck between the highs and lows of life, and committing to dancing through to the happier stages.

The Lithuanian final showcased this as a standout among the far-too-many substandard filler songs. It’s simply presented, in terms of both its choreography and its visual design, with simple but effective colour and lighting.

Silvester is very open about how his sexuality (he’s an out bisexual man) has influenced his music, with that all-too-common theme of growing up in an unwelcoming environment that will resonate with so many of the Contest’s fans. In fact, Silverster’s whole personality seems to be perfect for him to be taken to the hearts of many of the younger generations of fans.

Seven PointsI like this, but it took a hell of a long time for it to click for me. I saw many comments championing the song and wondered what I must have been missing. Now it’s there I see the opportunity for it to earn a very respectable position in the final. Silvester is sticking to Lithuanian, a decision that even just a few short years ago I’d have questioned the wisdom of. But with so many non-English language songs notching great results perhaps is a wise decision. I’ll be very pleased if this continues to break the Anglophone stronghold.


Photo: Armida Cepukaite/EBU

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