San Marino picks emerging artists for Eurovision showdown

Aaron Sibley
It was the last but one outing for San Marinese TV’s patchy 2022 Eurovision experiment – you really can’t argue they try something new most years – it’s like they’re sick of someone constantly offering to do the job and don’t have it in them to just say a polite no and point to past results.

Still, onwards, and tonight we saw the best of the new ’emerging’ artists’ – a rag-bag of multinational and local misfits more used to performing in their bedrooms.

It’s been a long week for dedicated Eurovision fans, with 66 artists being culled down to nine hopefuls, who will go head to head with nine ‘established’ acts tomorrow night.

  1. Aaron Sibley – “Pressure”
  2. Camille Cabaltera – “Move ‘Em Like You Never Did
  3. Sebastian Schmidt (Basti) – “Running”
  4. Vina Rose – “Sweet Denial”
  5. Alessia Labate – “World Falls Down
  6. Maria Chiara Leoni – “Tiramisu
  7. Kurt Cassar – “Tears of Gold”
  8. Elena & Francesco Faggi – “Nothin’ Can Blow Me Out
  9. Mate – “DNA”