Ukraine story rolls on – this time, it’s drugs

Kalush Orchestra

If it wasn’t for Ukraine, Eurovision would be a dull old Contest with professional acts turning up and singing their three-minute ditties before shuffling away. Everyone would cheer and enjoy themselves and that would be that.

But Ukraine always brings its A-game. After once again refusing to send the winner of the Eurovision preselection show (Vidbir) to the Contest proper, the second choice is now mired in a (made up) scandal.

Yesterday, we told you how second place grumpy bastards Kalush Orchestra were offered the Eurovision ticket for Ukraine – this despite them having a big old hissy fit on the night and threatening all kinds of legal action. That said, today they backed down and said they’re happy to sign up to Eurovision.

This came shortly after Yaroslav Lodygin, who was the head of 2022 Vidbir organising committee resigned from the position of head of television and as a member of the management board. He downgraded the group and is said to have made derogatory comments about them. Yes, Eurovision is that serious.

Lodygin’s long overdue sacking and Kalush agreeing to take the Eurovision job are in no way connected. Yeah, right.


If that wasn’t enough, fandom has been rocked as video resurfaced online of the lead singer of Kalush Orchestra, Oleg Psyuk, in which he talks openly about how he used and distributed drugs. Long before he was famous. When he was very young and which he now regrets but sees as a part of growing up in the world he found around him.

Never ones to listen, the social media court has tried and convicted him of a violation of paragraph 4.4. of the Eurovision Rule Book (TM) which states that the participant should ensure “no illegal, unethical, improper or offensive behaviour or statements, insulting to the creative or professional activities in the past.”

Lodygin’s long overdue sacking, Kalush agreeing to take the Eurovision job and a bunch of ‘fans’ bitching because their KerWeen dropped out are in no way connected. Yeah, right.

Why am I telling you this, because it’s Friday and you need something to read while you wait to find out who made it to the Maltese final.

With huge thanks to Eurovision Fans Facebook for the tip.